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Welcome to our downloads section! We hope you find these files valuable.

8031 Kit Instructions - The instructions to build the 8031 show kit for VCF Southwest.

Apple_Chips.txt - A listing of custom Apple part numbers and what they are/fit.

Apple 341-0021 ROM - A dump of an unknown Apple chip. No, it's not the Disk II PROM. This is a .600" wide 9316 type ROM and not a skinny PROM. The FAQ is incorrect and the 21 it refers to is actually a 27.

Colecovision +5v Memory Mod Kit Instructions.pdf - Use this to install our +5v Memory Kit for the Colecovision

Colecovision Composite AV Mod Instructions.pdf - Use this to install our Colecovision AV Mod Kit

Colecovision Dual BIOS Kit Instructions.pdf - Use this to install our Colecovision Dual BIOS Kit

Commodore 64 PLA File - JEDEC format - Use this if you wish to burn your own PLA with an 82S100 or PLS100. Right click and Save As then remove the .txt extension from the file to use with your programmer. This file was created by reading a C64 PLA with a TopMAX programmer and Max Loader software from eeTools.com.

Galaga Renewal Kit.pdf - Use this instruction guide to install our Galaga Renewal Kit

Neo_Geo_Cap_Kits.pdf - A guide to which caps get replaced and which ones do not.

Neo_Geo_Battery_Replacement.pdf - A guide to replacing the NiCd batteries on the Neo Geo MVS boards

Repair_Request_Form.pdf - Use this when sending boards in to us for repair.




EPROM Programmer Software: While we aren't sure if these are officially abandoned by the companies that made them we are sure that they are difficult to find. An ST Microelectronics engineer was kind enough to send us a copy  of the old WSI software from directories on his PC. We (and he) make no promises to the functionality of the software.

Data I/O Labsite 6.2

WSI MagicPro 4.02







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