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Cap Kits

Welcome to our selection of caps and cap kits!

There are plently of places to buy monitor cap kits on the web, we specialize in caps and cap kits to fix game board issues instead.

Did you know that the Sega NAOMI system has a .1F supercapacitor on it that is prone to leaking? When it leaks it will eat traces on the board and if it does this to the 8 pin EEPROM next to it the system will be rendered dead.

On Neo Geo MVS systems if you've checked the +12v supply and the speakers/wiring but still have audio problems such as these:

  • No audio when playing games and when doing hardware tests
  • Low audio output levels
  • Audio gets much louder or softer as the game is being played
  • Audio suddenly starts working
  • Missing audio from one channel

Then you need to recap the audio section. The MVS boards have cheap capacitors prone to failure. Compounding this on 4 and 6 slot boards is the insulator between the boards that helps keep the heat in to slowly cook the capacitors. We use 105 degree Celsius capacitors where possible to help keep your system sounding beautiful for years to come.


We are working on kits for other game boards and systems as well and will have them up in the near future.

If we are out of stock on a kit you need, or if you have ideas for a kit, please drop us a line. If we don't have the system that needs a cap kit of some type and you do, we'll do a recapping for free if we can turn it into a kit to sell.






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