Repair / Upgrade Services

Is your system sick? Do you feel uneasy about repairing it yourself? Do you want it upgraded but don't know how? We offer Flat Rate* repair services on many different system logic boards.

What if your board isn't on our list of boards to repair? We offer repair services on many other game boards on a time and materials basis including:

  • Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, and Pac Man Plus
  • Galaxian
  • Phoenix
  • IREM games such as Moon Patrol
  • Sega System 16 games
  • And MANY more

Simply drop us a note and ask about our services capabilities. We can also:

  • Perform surface mount reflow of ICs to fix many glitchy boards
  • "Phoenix", or revive suicided CPS-1 and CPS-2 boards along with a limited set of Sega boards
  • Install UniBIOS chips on Neo Geo MVS and AES systems

Let us know what the problem with the board is and we'll let you know what we can do to help. We log all of our repairs online. Take a look to see what we have fixed in the past!

Our shop rates are $60 per hour, minmum of 1/2 hour plus parts. Most board repairs run between $45 to $60. If you are price sensitive check with us first or tell us what the NTE (Not To Exceed) limits are.

When shipping to us, please remember to:

  • Put the logic board in an anti-static bag
  • Ship it packed in anti-static materials.
  • Print and fill out the Repair Request Form then place it in the box with the board.

If you do not have the pink anti-static foam or the pink/green anti-static peanuts then newspaper is better than the regular peanuts/foam. Please take due care in packaging your boards and sending them to us!

Boards with shipping damage due to improper packing will be returned unrepaired or will be repaired on a time/materials basis only.

Boards shipped without Repair Request Forms will be returned unrepaired.

If you have any special requirements (maximum repair charge "Not To Exceed", etc) then these MUST be documented on the Repair Request Form.

To keep the flow of boards steady we no longer take in large shipments of boards for repair. The maximum is 5 boards in for repair at any one time.

Please note that some systems have notoriously common failure items. The Commodore 64 is among them. If your Commodore 64 has more than one bad RAM chip, we will notify you as this typically indicates a failing or faulty power supply.

As always, please contact us if you need an "old school" computer or game system repaired that isn't on our list. We have parts for many other systems and may be able to help you.

* = Plus shipping. Previous repair attempts, system boards stuffed with bad chips or with widespread damage due to power supply failures, leaking batteries, and/or power surges will not be covered under a flat rate repair.






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