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Hmmm... what do we carry?


This is an interesting question!

First off, what DON'T we carry: We don't carry current computer hardware. No Pentium 1-4, no AMD Athlon/Opteron/etc... No SIMMs, no DIMMs. Those are easy enough to find anywhere. We are stocking the harder to find components for older systems.

We have a stock of EPROMs from 2708 through 27c4096, 1Mb to 4Mb Flash ROMs, serial EEPROMs, 1K through 1Mb DRAM, and 1K through 1Mb SRAM with a lot of chips inbetween.

In the CPU/Support families we have Z80, 65xx, 68xx, 8xxx, as well as the 9900 family. This includes CPU chips as well as a variety of support chips - Video Display Generators, Peripheral Interface Adapters, etc...

Custom chips are also available, including (but not limited to!) the ULA chips in the ZX81 and TS 1000 systems, the PLA, video, and sound chips in the Commodore VIC-20 and 64 systems, Nintendo NES/Playchoice ICs, custom Atari logic and ROM ICs, and the GROMs in the TI-99/4A.

There is also a wide range of generic 74xx and 4xxx logic chips.

Many of these chips are available with older date codes with a variety of manufacturer stamps as well as case styles (epoxy resin or ceramic.)

This is very important if you have a computer that you are restoring! The component that is being replaced can be kept very close to the date code that would be "period correct" for the system!

Also available is a variety of miscellaneous components such as batteries, switches, LEDs, sockets, transistors, capacitors, and more.

If you have a hard to find part that isn't in our online store, please contact us and we will see if we can help you find it.






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